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Swords & Sails

A game of medieval conquest on the European continent.  Players take control of one of seven major political factions during the historical time of 1000 AD.


The year is 1000 AD, the middle of the medieval period.  The European continent is constantly at war as competing political factions try to control Europe through military might and political intrigue.  Trading cities and ports are the key locations that these empires need to become wealthy and powerful. 

7 Political factions 

"Making Virtual Real"

6 Army unit Types

3 Ship Types

In Swords & Sails, players will control one of these factions in abid to conquer Europe.  Build armies and fleets; make and break alliances; spy on your opponents; go to war and conquer all of Europe.

Will the Byzantine Empire rise again and give rebirth to the glory and ancestors of Ancient Rome.  Can the upstart Kievan Rus Empire bring a new golden age of Slavic Culture and power.  Or will the Fatimid Caliphate push further into Europe and create an even greater Muslim Empire.