Historic, Roman version of Knucklebones | Custom Dice & Metal Coins

Tali, is the historic Roman version of Knucklebones. Featuring the tactile feel of simulated Bones. Help bring history back to life! Proudly funded on Kickstarter!


Tali is one of the oldest games with known rules


Realistic feel of shaped, Knucklebone dice!


Deluxe Metal Coin Upgrade Set, available!


Two Games in One! Includes a Micro-RPG!


6+ Unique Character Cards!

We design fun, historic games!

Coming off of the recent success of our Kickstarter for Swords & Sails, Rewrite History in 1000 AD we are excited to bring you Tali, the historic, Roman version of Kuncklebones!

Number of Players

2-6 Players in the Base version

10 players in the Deluxe version 

Player Ages

Designed for gamers

Ages 13+

Time to Play

Average time of estimated game

20+ Minutes 

Game Components

Custom, Knucklebones Dice

Primary Character Cards

Primary Tokens

Metal Coins

Additional Character Cards

Additional Character Cards

Cardboard Coins

Custom Dice & Velvet Bag

Coin Comparison

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More Information

Take a quick glance at the additional information below! We offer a Base version and a Deluxe Version of the game as well as add-ons that include two sets of Historic Metal Coin Sets!


Shipping costs will be added during the pledge manager. To know the rates for each region/country




Want to read through the rulebook? Use the link below to access the full rules for the classic/historic version & our modern, RPG version as well!


Available Add-Ons

Historic Metal Coin Sets are available as add-ons for this game!

Sets of 80 & 140-coins



Tali Review

undead viking videos

Join us in watching a full review of Tali with the Undead Viking! This 14-minute video give you a complete rundown on the history. Here are a few quotes!


"A fun, loose, & fast game! Can be played over lunch!"


"Really, really cool dice - shaped like knucklebones! These are awesome!"


"Trust me! These [dice] sound so cool bouncing on the table - the clattering noise they make! I really do like it!"


"Check out the game, I think you'll have a lot of fun with it!"


Undead Viking Reviews

“It is really cool to think that you are playing a version of a game that was played 1000 years ago! Your actions at that time right there, historically, are bridging that gap between you and Roman citizens 1000 years ago, passing the time on a summer day and enjoying their friends and enjoying the cool atmosphere – and I dig that!”

Lance Myxter

Indie Game Alliance - Demo Report

“This game was a lot of fun. We had 6 players with 2 additional observers actively engage and join in the fun. The dynamics of the roles interacted with each other with each other ultimately balancing out the power of each. The descriptions were great and helped get us into character.”

Blind Playtest Review

Undead Viking Reviews

“I guarantee you that if you are looking for that game that fills up that time, something to enjoy with your family and friends while you are engaging them socially – then I urge you to pick this game up, because I think that you’re going to have a lot of fun with it!”

Lance Myxter

Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by Micro Role-Playing game ?

Tali is two games in one, the base game attempts to re-create the historical game as the Byzantine Romans from 1000 AD would play the game.

The second version of the game adds the character cards, which adds a micro role-playing element. Each player will have a character card to play, each of which has their own unique character abilities. Playing characters is what allows for the micro role-playing aspect. Like most role-playing, it is up to the players to define the level of role-playing they are interested in. One option in the game is to award each player at the end of a round of gambling by giving a bonus Silver coin based on who everyone thinks did the best role-playing. All role-playing aspects are options in the game and players that either: do not enjoy or are uncomfortable trying to role-play themselves, can still play Tali without ever forcing any role-playing aspects on themselves or by playing the historic version of the game.

What are the historical rules based on ?

As we at VR-Games strive to create games with realistic themes, we have created a time machine and went back to Byzantine in 1000 AD. We sent a mission of 6 agents in various costumes to play Tali in the gambling halls of the day. You may recognize the character costumes from our character cards.


I wish our research methods included a time machine as a tool, but alas we need to use historical references and archaeological papers which give us a picture of how the game may have been played. Several references that we came across give us pretty good clues to how the Emperors of Byzantine played the game as actual period writing of the various rules have been found. A small amount of filling in the blanks was necessary to make a complete game. Of course, the role-playing game rules are invented for additional enjoyment.

The number of players is listed at 2-6, but 10+ for deluxe version, how does that work ?
The number of players for Tali is limited by the number of coins – and if using the character cards – by the number of available character cards.
We include enough coins and character cards in the base game for up to 6 players.  We will be adding at least 4 additional cards for the deluxe version.  If we add additional character cards as stretch goals, then we will first add character cards to the Deluxe version before the base version.  The expected rate will be 1 additional character card at the base level for every three at the Deluxe level.
The limitation of having enough coins for Tali, can be made up for by using any gaming coinage.  A minimum of 3 denominations is required, but others can be used, such as the Swords & Sails Historic Metal Coin add-ons.
Players can copy the existing player cards for “personal use only” if they would like to play Tali with multiple characters with the same powers and thereby increasing the number of players available.
Can you purchase the Knucklebones by themselves ?

If there is enough interest in purchasing only the Knucklebones, without the rest of the Tali game, we will then have this option in the BackerKit pledge management level. If enough interest is shown during the campaign or retailers ask for this level, we may be persuaded to add this level to the Kickstarter as an optional add-on. The knucklebones is the most expensive component of the base game to make (they do not have any flat sides and this increases difficulty to mold) and I would suggest pledging at least $15 per set of 4 (in addition to the many copies of Tali), if this is what you are looking for. Additional Knucklebones may also show up as a stretch goal.

What Metal are the Coins Made of ?

Mostly a Zinc alloy with other metals used for color.

How Heavy are the Coins ?

Gold 25mm coin – 5.00g
Silver 19mm coin – 4.40g
Copper 13mm coin – 3.20g
Light Bronze 10mm coin – 1.50g

How Thick are the Coins ?

Similar thickness to a US Quarter, US Nickel, US Penny, and a US Dime. 

What are the Denominations ?

The Swords&Sails denominations are 250 for Gold, 50 for Silver, 10 for Copper, and 1 for the Bronze (these values are for game purposes)

Historically the Gold Solidius is worth 180 of the Bronze Follis coins (or 40 nummi M) or 12 Silver miliaresion or 1440 of the small light bronze 5 nummi (E)
These values had changed throughout the 1000 year history of Byzantium.

There are many more denominations and coin types which were minted by all the various Emperors. Essentially each Emperor remade the coins with there own images. This practice in Byzantium was copied through most of Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Africa and was a continuation of the Roman coinage system with various changes.

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